How real is readmission of Russia to G7?  - [color=red]EXPERT VIEWS[/color]

  • 18:21 29 August 2019

How real is readmission of Russia to G7? - EXPERT VIEWS

One of the issues that create discrepancies between G7 members at the 3 days summit held in Biarritz, France was related to the revival of the previous format of G7 – mainly readmission of the Russia back to the “club”. Despite US President Trump’s insistence majority of the European countries stated that they do not want to be in the same line with Russia. Furthermore, Donald Tusk, European Council President said that “under no condition EU will agree with invitation of Russia to the G7 roundtable”.

According to “The Guardian”, only Italian PM Giuseppe Conte positively reacted to this idea of US President among other G7 countries. French President Emmanuel Macron in his meeting with Trump has once again stressed the impossibility of readmission of Russia to this format while Ukrainian conflict is still ongoing.

Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst at the reputable European Policy Centre (EPC) told ONA that Russia is very unlikely to return to the G7 any time soon: "Apart from President Trump, no other G7 leader has voiced support for such a move, and all G7 members need to agree for it to happen. Opposition to Russia’s return is not surprising because such a move would totally undermine the credibility of the G7 and its members. Such a decision would also betray Ukraine by stabbing Kyiv in the back.  The winner would be Putin.  Russia’s exclusion from the group was due to its aggression in Ukraine – its illegal annexation and occupation of Crime and war in the Donbas. The criteria for Russia’s return to the table are clear and need to be implemented for Moscow to return."

Dr. Marina Larionova,  RIAC expert in her statement to ONA thinks that this discrepancy among G7 members is yet another indication that there is no cohesion within the group: "Russia is a responsible actor on the global stage, Russia defends international norms and is committed to the principles of mutual respect, sovereign equality, democracy, inclusiveness and strengthened collaboration. Russia is determined to work together with our partners to strengthen multilateralism and the rule of law in international relations, and to promote a fair, just, equitable, democratic and representative international order. The G7 members should decide that Russia will consider the invitation if it is made."

Zumrud Pashkin