Iran expresses its gratitude to Azerbaijan for rescuing the sailors

  • 12:00 30 July 2019

Iran expresses its gratitude to Azerbaijan for rescuing the sailors

The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Azerbaijan, on behalf of the Iranian state, has expressed gratitude for the urgent and professional assistance provided by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Navy and State Border Service of friendly and brotherly Azerbaijan to the crew of the Shabahang cruise ship crashed in the Caspian Sea, the Embassy told ONA.

“This humanitarian step is a symbol of cooperation, friendship, and brotherhood between Iran and Azerbaijan. At the same time, it demonstrates the need for greater cooperation in the Caspian Sea in emergencies. The Iranian embassy expresses its sincere gratitude to everyone who has participated in such a sensitive operation and helped to prevent the loss of life, and wishes to expand friendly relations between the two neighboring and fraternal countries, "the report reads.

Note that on July 26, Iranian cargo ship ‘Shabahang’ crashed in Azerbaijan waters in the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan State Marine Academy in a statement announced that the accident happened near Lankaran Port. It added that the Iranian ship requested for help from Azerbaijan State Marine Academy on Friday afternoon. Azerbaijan State Marine Academy then dispatched two helicopters and a patrolling ship to the accident site for rescue operations.