Iranian Customs chief: Trade with Azerbaijan to be facilitated

  • 17:51 14 June 2019

Iranian Customs chief: Trade with Azerbaijan to be facilitated

Chief of the Customs Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that Iran's trade and transportation with the Republic of Azerbaijan would be facilitated by the implementation of the new technology, ONA reports citing IRNA.

Returning from the International Conference of Technology and Innovation on customs area in Baku on the border with Astara, Mehdi Mirsharifi said that the plan will be implemented at Astara border next week to facilitate transportation, reduce costs, increase speed and prevent counterfeiting of goods from the Astara border.

He said that this plan will be implemented as the second international experience in the customs area, and its first experience has been implemented between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey.

"We will pursue the establishment of a common gateway between Iran and Azerbaijan with respect to the land, rail and sea border in Astara, and will promote the implementation of that level of trade and transit," the official highlighted.

Mirsharfi said that the development of the Astara customs infrastructure is on the agenda and for the first phase of the 27-hectare facility of the city's customs 250 billion rials have been allocated.

Faig Mahmudov

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