Khalaf Khalafov: “Keshikchidagh issue should only be solved within legal terms”

  • 17:06 10 May 2019

Khalaf Khalafov: “Keshikchidagh issue should only be solved within legal terms”

“Provocative statements are being released regarding the Keshikchidagh which is located at the Azerbaijani-Georgian border. Borders are state issues. This issue should be solved through interstate negotiations”, said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Khalaf Khalafov, ONA reports.

He stated that the delimitation of the border with Georgia has been continued since 1996: “The constant negotiations are taken place during this period. Two third of the border with Georgia has been delimited and the delimitation process of one third one borders has still not been finished. It requires great efforts. Negotiations still continue. These issues are not the ones for the public discussion. These are serious issues that have interstate nature. These issues do not depend on someone’s historical or religious comments. The issue should only be solved in legal terms”.

H. Khalafov said that Azerbaijan and Georgia have lived within these borders for over 100 years: “In the Soviet period, and after its collapse, we lived within these borders. Of course, there are relevant legal documents on the existence of these boundaries. Therefore, I once again declare that such issues will be resolved in a legal plane, through negotiations. In addition, historically friendly, good-neighborly relations have developed between the peoples of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Strategic partnerships unite Azerbaijani and Georgian states.”

He noted that with the participation of two states, projects of international and strategic importance were implemented: “We are working on these projects today. Voiced ideas do not meet the interests of both states. They contradict the interests of our peoples. Such conversations cannot serve as a solution. The potential of interstate relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia makes it possible to resolve this issue on a legal plane. ”