Leyla Abdullayeva: "Informing foreign diplomats is part of our information policy"

  • 01:01 13 September 2019

Leyla Abdullayeva: "Informing foreign diplomats is part of our information policy"

A conference on the 100th anniversary of the diplomatic service of Azerbaijan was held at the Embassy in Turkey, ONA's local bureau reports.

The conference was attended by heads and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Ankara, state and political figures of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Khazar Ibrahim, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Turkey, gave information about the establishment and current activities of the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan 100 years ago and directions of development.

Then lecture of Leyla Abdullayeva, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan listened. The participants of the event were informed about history of Azerbaijan, its geographical position, the establishment of diplomatic bodies, the basics of our current foreign policy, the socio-economic development of our country, and the view of Azerbaijan on the Armenian-Azerbaijani-Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

At the end of the event, Leyla Abdulayeva answered the questions of the participants. 

She told ONA that such a series of events is beneficial in terms of conveying the truths of Azerbaijan to the international community: "Informing foreign diplomats is part of our information policy. I believe that the information we provide is especially important for professionals in the relevant fields. ”