MFA: Azerbaijan will never reconcile with existing status quo based on occupation

  • 18:42 27 August 2019

MFA: Azerbaijan will never reconcile with existing status quo based on occupation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan commented on allegations in the address of Azerbaijan which are not compatible with the spirit of negotiations and far from reality voiced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia in front of central staff, as well as diplomatic and consulate missions, ONA reports citing press service of Azerbaijani MFA.

Nagorno Karabakh was, currently is and will be an integral part of the Republic of Azerbaijan in future. The whole international community recognizes this truth and unambiguously condemns Armenian occupation of the Azerbaijani lands: “There is not such a notion of “Nagorno Karabakh nation”, but there are Armenian and Azerbaijani communities of that region of Azerbaijan. Model, accepted in the international level for the resolution of Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict is based on international legal norms and principles, decisions of UN, OSCE and other international organizations, first of all, four resolutions UN Security Council. Concrete steps within the framework of peaceful resolution of the conflict  are proposed by OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and voiced by them, including their latest statements dated on March 9”.

Azerbaijan as a multi-ethnic state with an internationally recognized multicultural society cannot be compared with mono-ethnic Armenia, which expelled the entire Azerbaijani population from their ancestral lands, on which this country is now located, and, moreover, committed monstrous ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, when the Khojaly tragedy became the culmination: "The attempts of the Armenian Foreign Minister to somehow justify the aggressive intentions of his country, referring to the people's right to self-determination, which implies the free expression of the will of citizens, are in no way consistent with international law or common sense. It is impossible to advocate for the rights of part of the population of any territory, while completely violating the rights of its other part"

During Armenia’s military aggression against Azerbaijan, the rights of the Azerbaijani community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region now under the occupation of Armenian armed forces have been violated massively. Only after safely return of Azerbaijani community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region to their native lands, and decent living there, it will be possible to conduct specific discussions forms of the rights of self-government of the inhabitants of this region. 

The latest statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia aimed at domestic consumption is fraught with a very dangerous tendency to escalate the conflict, rather than resolving it peacefully, as Znat Mnatsakanyan is so eagerly asking for.

Armenia should decide whether they want peace or escalation ?! There is an impression that the current Armenian leadership is consciously inclined to escalate the situation, rather than to settle it. Unfortunately, we have to admit that official Yerevan today proceeds from annexationist, and not from realistically tied positions. However, in any situation, it is obvious that Azerbaijan will never reconcile with the existing status quo based on occupation. Our patience is not unlimited, " Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan stated.