MFA: Azerbaijani citizens arrested in Libya returned homeland

  • 12:19 21 January 2021

MFA: Azerbaijani citizens arrested in Libya returned homeland

Azerbaijani citizens Elmikhan Baghirov and Aliagha Babayev, who were arrested in Libya, returned homeland on January 21 this year, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) told ONA.

We would want to note that while a ship, belonging to a company, registered in the Republic of Turkey and swimming under a flag of Sierra-Leone, was moving in the direction of Libya-Malta-Turkey, was detained by coast forces of the Libya state in March 2016, and ship crew, consisting of 12 people, 3 of whose were Azerbaijanis, were arrested for the smuggling of oil products for 5 years. Unfortunately, the Seaman of the ship Elshad Huseynov died in Libya.

As a result of measures, taken by the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the return of our arrested citizens – Capitan of the ship Elmikhan Baghirov and Seaman Aliagha Babayev back to the country, mentioned persons were released with the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Libya dated December 29, 2020, and they were placed in the temporary detention center. 

As a result of necessary measures carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Istanbul for emergency evacuation of our citizens, the returning of Elmikhan Bagirov and Aliaga Babayev was possible on January 21, 2021, by Tripoli-Istanbul-Baku flight. The evacuation process was carried out with the assistance of the Republic of Turkey and the Libyan state, coordinating the activity of Ukraine and the support of the shipping company.