Agenda of Milli Majlis meeting for tomorrow changed

  • 11:23 08 April 2019

Agenda of Milli Majlis meeting for tomorrow changed

Agenda of the Milli Majlis for tomorrow’s session has changed, ONA reports.

The number of issues that will be discussed tomorrow has raised from 19 to 20.

Amendments of laws of “Social protection of internally displaced persons and people equated to them”, “On Public duties” and “On State language at the Republic of Azerbaijan” that form into one pack have been removed from the agenda.

Furthermore, the ratification of the agreement on “Establishment of joint cooperation in joint construction, ownership and operation of the fiber-optic communication networks through the Caspian seabed on the Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan Route by Communications Operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Law on Banks” have been included to the agenda.