Nebojsa Stefanovic: “Serbia and Azerbaijan have strong friendly relations”

  • 12:35 11 August 2020

Nebojsa Stefanovic: “Serbia and Azerbaijan have strong friendly relations”

“There are strong friendly relations between Serbia and Azerbaijan”, Nebojsa Stefanovic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia who is in visit in Baku told journalists, ONA reports.

 He expressed confidence that through his visit to Baku and the meetings he will hold here, they will achieve a higher level of cooperation between the two countries.

“Our goal is to deepen cooperation not only in the area of security but also in other areas. At today’s meeting, we discussed cooperation in the area of security, came to an agreement about exchange of sensitive information, strengthening of cooperation in the area of fight against terrorism and other important areas. But at the same time, we conducted discussions in regard to cooperation in the area of the economy. We believe that cooperation in this area may be further deepened. The true friendship relations between presidents, governments and peoples of the two countries may also find its reflection in the area of economy. We are also satisfied with the activity of the Azerbaijani companies functioning in Serbia. They are very industrious and are functioning efficiently. We believe that this cooperation may be further expanded and there is great potential for this. This cooperation may be beneficial for both parties and I believe that this cooperation will further bring closer together the two countries in the future”, Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister noted.