Next plenary meeting of autumn session of Milli Majlis kicks off

  • 12:23 25 November 2019

Next plenary meeting of autumn session of Milli Majlis kicks off

The next plenary meeting of the autumn session of the Azerbaijani Parliament has been started, ONA reports.

The agenda of the plenary meeting being held with the chairmanship of Ogtay Asadov includes 19 issues.

The amendment to the draft law “On medical insurance” will be discussed in the first reading at the meeting.

The draft amendments to the laws “On the state budget for 2020”, “On the subsistence minimum for 2020”, “On the criterion of means of need for 2020”, “On the budget of the State Social Protection Fund for 2020”, “On the Cost Estimate of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic for 2020”, “On the Estimated Costs of the Accounts Chamber for 2020”, “On the State Budget of the Unemployment Insurance Fund for 2020”, “On the activity of the State Forensic Examination Agency”, “On the Courts and Judges”, “On the Administrative Procedure”, “On the Litigation and Legal Council”, “On the Licenses and Permissions”, “On the Lawyers and Legal profession”, “On the Service Career at Judicial Agencies”, Civil and Procedural, Criminal and Procedural, Administrative and Procedural, Administrative Offences Codes and etc. will be discussed in the second reading as well.