Pakistani President: "Some Non-Aligned Movement member states suffer from occupation"

  • 16:11 25 October 2019

Pakistani President: "Some Non-Aligned Movement member states suffer from occupation"

"Pakistan will continue to support the Non-Aligned Movement during Azerbaijan's presidency," President of Pakistan Arif Alvi said at the XVIII Summit of heads of member states and governments of the Non-Aligned Movement which is held in Baku, ONA reports.

Mr President noted that the geopolitical changes taking place in the world inevitable to take urgent action.

“Pakistan says "No!" to the occupation. Some member states suffer from occupation. We have to fight it together. Today we have to make collective efforts,” the Pakistani president said.

Speaking about the Sustainable Development Goals of UN the president stressed that the measures should be taken in order to prevent poverty and famine: “If we do not fight against inequality and poverty then we will not be able to see the necessary results of the works we have done. We closely attached to peace. If we want to end conflicts once and for all, we should also provide economical growth. Pakistan carries out relevant peace policy in the region. We want stability and peace in the Near East and in the Gulf.”

A. Alivi stated that the resolutions of the UN Security Council are violated by some countries: “UN Security Council should pay more attention to this issue. If a country does not obey UN resolutions then they have to get its response."

Touching upon the issue of climate change President of Pakistan said that his country supports the proposals about the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and said his country is one of the countries working actively in this field: ”We should take concrete steps on climate change in the field of implementation of Paris agreement.”

Faig Mahmudov