Peter Michalko: “EU-Azerbaijan cooperation will be strengthened”

  • 19:03 21 October 2021

Peter Michalko: “EU-Azerbaijan cooperation will be strengthened”

“Cooperation between the European Union and Azerbaijan will be further strengthened,” said Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Azerbaijan, Ambassador Peter Michalko while speaking about projects implemented by the EU in Azerbaijan, ONA reports.

According to him, he was pleased to provide examples of EU activities in Azerbaijan: “We present a small part of the activity and work conducted by EU in Azerbaijan at today’s photo exhibition. I believe that I will be successful in such activities in the future. Relations between the EU and Azerbaijan are diverse and cover different spheres, based on the relationship between government and civil society.”

According to him, more than 50 twinning projects, implemented in Azerbaijan by the EU, aimed at good management, improvement of services.

P. Michalko noted that nearly 50 pre-school education facilities have been established in about 10 cities and districts, training has been organized for teachers.

The diplomat stressed that the EU supports Azerbaijan in the fight against COVID-19 too.

He noted that EU cooperation with Azerbaijan will further strengthen within the framework of the Eastern Partnership program in the coming future, different mechanisms will be used for it.