President Ilham Aliyev presents "Sharaf" Order to Mikhail Gusman - [color=red]UPDATED[/color]

  • 15:19 07 February 2020

President Ilham Aliyev presents "Sharaf" Order to Mikhail Gusman - UPDATED

On February 6, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has presented the "Sharaf" Order to First Deputy Director General of TASS news agency of the Russian Federation Mikhail Gusman, ONA reports.

Welcoming Mikhail Gusman, President Ilham Aliyev said:

- Dear Mikhail Solomonovich, first of all, I would like to congratulate you on the recent anniversary, wish you all the best, good health, prosperity and continued success in your work. Unfortunately, I was not in Baku when you celebrated your anniversary, I was in Davos. But I had the opportunity to congratulate you over the phone and express my feelings, as well as arrange a meeting when you are in Baku, so that I could personally present the high award to you. I know that you always spend your birthdays, especially anniversaries, in your homeland, in Azerbaijan. This is already a good tradition. And this once again shows how much you are attached to your Motherland, to your native land, to your native city. We know how much you love your Motherland and how you promote it around the world. Your famous program “Formula of Power” has traveled all the world more than once, and I think that the number of presidents you have not met is much fewer than those you did meet. Of course, when presidents usually meet with guests, they are provided with a note about this person, which says: place of birth – Baku, Azerbaijan.

In addition, I know that both in Russian and international media you share your impressions of our country, talk about the realities of Azerbaijan, describe how problems are addressed in Azerbaijan. Your activity has long gone beyond the frames of the Russian Federation and is international in nature. I know that you are heavily involved in the processes of world media cooperation. I also remember the Congress of the Russian Press and other international events being held in Baku on your initiative. Therefore, I would like to thank you very much precisely for your great contribution to communicating the truth about our country to the world.

You are also making a great contribution to the strengthening of Russian-Azerbaijani relations. These relations are successfully developing today, have already reached the highest level, and the anniversary events that were held in Baku in January are further evidence of that. A large delegation of the Russian public, leading representatives of the political, media and cultural organizations came to Baku. As far as I know, all the guests left Azerbaijan with very good impressions. Therefore, I would like to thank you for making a great contribution to the strengthening of Russian-Azerbaijani relations.

Of course, on such a day, I would also like to recall the roots. Azerbaijan has always appreciated and loved your family, your parents, and treated them with great respect. You recently presented me with your book about your father and mother. I read it with great interest. This is actually a unique book because it is written so heartily, so sincerely and so truthfully. This book reflects both the history of your family, your childhood, and the history of Azerbaijan of that time. Therefore, I think it is very interesting not only for those who know you, but for everyone who is interested in the history of our city. And, of course, it is no coincidence that such children were born in such an intelligent and respected family. You and your elder brother Yuli Solomonovich – no matter how old he is, he is still Yulik for all of us. He is a person who, like you, shares his energy with everyone he communicates with. You and Yuli Solomonovich have achieved such great successes in your work and in social activities. You are not only very recognizable but also very respected people. And I think that there is probably no-one who would not treat you with sympathy. Mikhail Solomonovich, you have achieved this all through hard work, your activities, your conduct and, of course, your character. I am very pleased to meet with you in this, let’s say, semi-official setting today. Our meetings always take place outside of media access, so to speak, but today, on such a day, of course, I would like to congratulate you and also note that the Azerbaijani state greatly appreciates your activities. This is your third award. Before that, there was the Order of “Shohrat”, then the Order of “Dostlug”, and now a higher order, the Order of “Sharaf”. Let me present this high award to you.


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President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has presented the "Sharaf" Order to Mikhail Gusman, First Deputy Director General of the TASS Information Agency of the Russian Federation, on February 6, ONA reports.