Rovzat Gasimov: “CEC is ready to take serious steps”

  • 16:06 10 February 2020

Rovzat Gasimov: “CEC is ready to take serious steps”

Hotline of Central Election Commission has received nearly 280 appeals, deputy chairman of CEC Rovzat Gasimov told reporters, ONA reports.

According to him, some of the appeals were related to technical inquiry: “Additionally, there is also certain information that will lead to an investigation by CEC. Despite the fact that the information received by hotline is not official, CEC treats all information with the utmost seriousness. Any small sign received by CEC is investigated in detail. You may witness the steps that are adequate to the results of CEC investigations, even the serious steps in the upcoming days.”

Deputy Chairman noted that claimed law violations should be investigated: “If they are approved, you can be sure that the CEC is ready to take measures, which are serious and tough enough. If there is found invalidity of results, as well as even any case that can be characterized as a crime, appeals will be addressed to the relevant bodies by the CEC in this regard. Because the main purpose of the CEC was the participation of candidates in the election campaign with equal terms and everybody’s having their own vote as a result of fair competition on Election Day.”