Sahiba Gafarova: “Azerbaijani Parliament sends letter of protest to PACE”

  • 13:45 17 April 2020

Sahiba Gafarova: “Azerbaijani Parliament sends letter of protest to PACE”

“At the meeting held by the President Ilham Aliyev through videoconference, he noted that the economic achievements obtained in I quarter in our country were successful”, said today speaker Sahiba Gafarova at plenary meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament, ONA reports.

The speaker said she is confident that the preventative measures associated with coronavirus will both protect people’s health and ensure economic development: “The recommendation given by President Ilham Aliyev in regard to activity of the Azerbaijani Parliament at the meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament of VI convocation will also be complied with from now on.

During the last meeting, the President delivered his ideas with the substantiated arguments regarding a number of issues being on agenda of the international community. He also mentioned the PACE’s non-expression of attitude to the so-called “elections” held on the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia. In some cases in the past, the anti-Azerbaijani, pro-Armenian forces in the organization protected Armenians’ position with greater passion than the Armenians themselves. Today, their non-statement of attitude to these “elections” is unacceptable. The protest letter has been sent to PACE by the Azerbaijani Parliament”.