Samad Seyidov addressed a protest letter to CE President regarding reporters’ statement

  • 15:53 28 March 2020

Samad Seyidov addressed a protest letter to CE President regarding reporters’ statement

“Unfortunately, reporters of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe spread false and slanderous, wrong information by manipulating, as a statement ”, head of Delegation of Azerbaijan to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Samad Seyidov told ONA.

According to Samad Seyidov, it proves once more that representatives of the Council of Europe, generally, demonstrates a biased position which is away from reality against Azerbaijan, against states conducting independent policy: “For analyzing processes, going on in Azerbaijan in the Council of Europe and other international organizations, at least those reporters should normally cooperate with Azerbaijan’s representatives in these organizations or relevant bodies of the country. However these reporters did not keep contact with either Azerbaijan’s Delegation, Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe, Representatives of Working Group on Human Rights in Azerbaijan, or bodies, dealing with these issues in Azerbaijan, and released such a statement based on absolutely lie, wrong information, which does not reflect reality, and unknown sources. They have exposed and are exposing themselves with the statement once again. So, they deal a great blow to the Council of Europe.”

Head of Azerbaijan’s delegation to PACE noted that Azerbaijan has never accepted and will never accept such behavior: “In this regard, I have sent a strongly-worded protest letter to the President of the Council of Europe. I demanded in the mentioned letter that issuance of such statements and taking of such steps should be immediately prevented, investigated and reviewed by the President of the Council of Europe. At the same time, it should be brought to the notice of the deputies causing damage to the relations between Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe that they are acting not against us but against Europe itself. Today, a tragedy is taking place in Europe, the peoples in the European countries have faced a calamity due to coronavirus, but these deputies still don’t want to break themselves from this bad habit. This once again proves that they don’t have any relevance to human rights and human tragedy, and they do actions bearing a political motive. These persons even can’t perceive the processes going on inside Azerbaijan. For instance, at the first meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament, the President Ilham Aliyev came up with an initiative and called on all political parties to nominate their deputies to the positions in the presidium of the parliament, including the positions of such levels as vice-speaker, committee chairmen and deputy committee chairmen. Moreover, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a considerable number of prisoners were released after Novruz holiday. Afghan Mukhtarly has also been prematurely released from prison. The persons who don’t see and can’t appreciate these and other positive steps, have started to issue statements based on completely provocative and false information. Particularly, the investigation process is being continued by the law enforcement agencies in regard to Tofig Yaghublu. Nevertheless, the attempt to politicize this act of hooliganism and use it against Azerbaijan is at least an action worth of being put to shame. Therefore, I have already sent a letter in this regard to the President of the Council of Europe”.

Ramiz Mikayıloğlu