Samad Seyidov: “Destructive forces distort positions of international organizations and embassies that they met with”

  • 15:31 31 October 2019

Samad Seyidov: “Destructive forces distort positions of international organizations and embassies that they met with”

“As international relations of Azerbaijan develop, its role in the world grows, it strengthens its position, the pressure of destructive forces against Azerbaijan increase, as well,” the Chairman of the Committee of the Azerbaijani Parliament on International and Inter-Parliamentary Relations Samed Seyidov said at a briefing, ONA reports.

Samad Sayidev stated that such forces from inside are also trying to cause to damage the relations of our countries. In particular, the forces trying to undermine Azerbaijani relations with the EU are obvious: “Azerbaijan holds the negotiation process at the highest level and our country signs directly strategic cooperation contracts with EU member states. Relations with the EU have been organized at the highest level. The mentioned destructive forces address embassies and the representatives of international organizations operate in Baku and held a meeting with them. They distort the positions of these organizations and embassies and present them in their own interests.  Such provocative steps taken by these forces are aiming to aggravate Azerbaijan's relations with both international organizations and single countries."

He noted that the embassies and international organizations operating in Azerbaijan have enough opportunities in order to show objective position and to express right opinion: “But these destructive forces try to form wrong thoughts and to confuse Azerbaijani citizens about the international relations of our country by  making statements on behalf of international organizations and embassies and artificially adjusting their points with their own positions. These forces should know that all of these are provocations and we are against it. It seems that destructive forces have chosen new tactics. By using the rule of law and protection of democracy, human rights as the highest values in international organizations and various institutions, these forces attempt to present their points as the points of embassies and international organizations operating in our country. They make illegal steps by confusing Azerbaijani citizens. Relations between Azerbaijan and the European Union develop with ascending lines. Seeing the further development of these relations and the upgrade of relations to the new level in the European Union, the European Parliament, as well as the European Council do not accept these and do these provocations. These international organizations and embassies in our country should take into account and oppose the efforts of destructive forces, acting on their behalf and distorting their positions, to undermine Azerbaijan's relations through such provocative steps. ”

Ramiz Mikayıloğlu