Sergey Markov: “Through Pashinyan’s deeds, terror experience in Middle East may spread to the South Caucasus”

  • 14:23 22 September 2020

Sergey Markov: “Through Pashinyan’s deeds, terror experience in Middle East may spread to the South Caucasus”

“There are a number of goals of activation of the Armenian government headed by Nikol Pashinyan in the Middle East. In this case, firstly, the attention should be directed to the settlement of the Armenian and Kurdish militant groups from the Middle East in Azerbaijan’s occupied Nagorno Garabagh region”, said the director of Russia’s Political Researches Institute, philologist Sergey Markov in his interview with ONA’s Moscow correspondent.

According to him, the primary purpose of activation of N. Pashinyan in the Middle East is to prepare for the war in the near future: “It seems that Pashinyan has already made his final decision regarding his non-readiness for settlement of the conflict based on the Kazan formula prepared by Russia’s initiative. Azerbaijan repeatedly declared that if no progress is made in the peace negotiations, it retains the right to liberate from the occupation in a military way the Nagorno Garabagh and the surrounding regions. Therefore, Pashinyan prepared for future military operations in this way.

The second aim of Armenia is to change the demographic situation of occupied Nagorno Garabagh and surrounding regions. Because for many years the regions around Nagorno Garabagh, especially the regions between Nagorno Garabagh and Armenia had remained empty for exchange with Azerbaijan in the future. And now Armenian leadership has decided to start a demographic assumption of those areas. For this purpose, the resettlement of ethnic Armenians to these empty areas has been started on a regular basis.”

According to the Russian expert, the third purpose of the activity in the Middle East is related to the domestic political situation in Armenia: “Pashinyan feels decrease in his popularity in the country. He has not been able to realize reforms on the increasing level of life condition of the population, which he promised, so far. That is why Pashinyan decided to get power in these terms again. He tries to get this power with concepts such as patriotism and nationalism, by preventing activities of his political rival, former President Robert Kocharyan and his supporters. This is why Pashinyan’s militarized position and readiness for military operations are parts of political tendency, aimed at strengthening his popularity within the country. He considers that he can reinforce his popularity and decrease the prestige of his rivals in Armenia without economic development. Pashinyan prepares for war, instead of compromising regarding the resolution of the conflict and take his country out of the economic blockade. Certainly, it is very dangerous. Especially, Pashinyan’s games regarding the Middle East are very dangerous, as terrorism experience in the Middle East can pass to the Southern Caucasus.”

Farid Akbarov