Sevinj Fataliyeva: “Amnesty International has always demonstrated biased position against Azerbaijan"

  • 12:42 24 May 2019

Sevinj Fataliyeva: “Amnesty International has always demonstrated biased position against Azerbaijan"

“It could cause surprise if Amnesty International wouldn't discuss the sporting event to be held in Azerbaijan next week. Because this organization has always demonstrated a biased position against Azerbaijan and at the same time tried to be on the agenda with absurd ideas before important events, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign and Inter-Parliamentary Relations of Azerbaijani Parliament Sevinj Fataliyeva said while commenting on the statement released by Amnesty International related to Europa League Final will be held in Baku on May 29, ONA reports.

According to her, Azerbaijan is a notable country in Europe, because safety is provided properly by state, moreover, ordinary people's hospitality is amazing. “Of course, pro-Armenian circles those don’t want prosperity and jealous to the success of our country will reveal themselves with biased phrases. Armenia's approach and wrong policy is proof of the continuation of its occupying policy. In spite of the statements made by the country's leadership and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on repeatedly ensuring security, it is clear that Arsenal's Henryk Mkhitaryan's express of fearing to come to Azerbaijan. Considering that Henryk Mkhitaryan did not perform any professional game, we can see that kind of approach is for his own benefit. The only purpose of speech  of an athlete ending his career to gain rating”

 S.Fataliyeva stressed that this kind of manipulations will remain ineffective, and all the world will witness a high-level sports holiday hold in next week. “Azerbaijan increases its international reputation day by day. In the direction of establishing peace and stability in the world, giving preference promotion of multicultural values and tolerance, no sensible statements, jealous approaches will not be able to impress to the reputation of our country that draws a road map for solving various problems.

She stated that organization of international level competitions in our country is analyzed in some circles and Amnesty International is the leading among biased ones: “However these negative attitudes do not necessarily reflect the reality. The state policy in the field of sport in Azerbaijan has achieved great success in this area. This success can be observed in victories at the international level competitions, in prestigious sports competitions held in our country, in the establishment of modern sports infrastructure in Azerbaijan and high organizational level of these competitions. The policy of President Ilham Aliyev pursued in the field of sports alongside with increase of country’s reputation as a sports country, provided the advantages to our side when international federations making a choice. 

S.Fataliyeva stated that Azerbaijan alongside with national values demonstrates its multicultural and tolerant values to the world: “All citizens and visitors regardless their religion, language, and race are respected and their security is ensured. Organization of both local and globally important summits, forums, conferences, and workshops, as well as festivals and contests that promote of our nation’s cultural values and sports competitions,  is a great contribution of Azerbaijani nation and state to multiculturalism. In this regard, voicing different biased statements and attempts to shadow our international reputation will not achieve any results. There was not any act of threat in any competition and contests organized in Azerbaijan and this is not an issue of discussion”.