Siyavush Novruzov: "Major changes will be in the composition of Parliament"

  • 15:43 29 November 2019

Siyavush Novruzov: "Major changes will be in the composition of Parliament"

“The decision of the New Azerbaijan Party on the dissolution of Azerbaijani Parliament is fully consistent with the Constitution. On the other hand, the opposition has a memory problem. Because of memory problem, they do not know what they say,” said Siyavush Novruzov, Deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations, ONA reports.

He recalled that the last paragraph of the document adopted as a result of discussions held at the headquarter of the Musavat Party was regarding the early parliamentary elections: “In other words, they thought if they adopted a declaration the government would leave aside the issue, because of their statement, the early parliamentary elections would not be held. It is true that their statement has nothing to do with us. Because NAP always organizes its work in accordance with the requirement of Azerbaijani people.”

According to S. Novruzov, the world practice is that opposition considers the early elections important: “The work of the political part is to prepare for and attend the election. If they are not ready, they have not prepared, then, what their activities are? We have repeatedly witnessed that they could not find a candidate during the presidential elections. They brought finding Russian citizen Rustam Ibrahimbayli or Jamil Hasanli from somewhere. The candidate nominating process was nearly ended. That is why the main point on the elections in time.”

NAP official noted that he conducts his statistical analysis on 5 years’ activity of NAP Deputies: “Their speeches in Parliament, meetings with their voters, work with media and international organizations, and activity on social media are analyzed. According to it, a report is prepared and discussed in the Party monthly. On the basis of the analysis, their activity will be taken into account in the following elections. We already know from which constituencies, people will put forward their candidacy.”

S. Novruzov also commented on the list of those, who will not be represented in following elections, disseminated on media and social networks. He stated that the lists are groundless: “Such kinds of lists are published before every election. 7-8 members of Parliament are not represented here due to different reasons. Change of composition depends on just voters. There is not any age limitation for participation in the election. These are regularly analyzed in the Party. The first work of the election is an analysis. It is impossible to achieve success without analysis. There will be a serious change in composition, but it still depends on the voter.”