Snap elections to the Parliament kick off in Azerbaijan

  • 08:39 09 February 2020

Snap elections to the Parliament kick off in Azerbaijan

Today the snap elections to the Parliament are held in Azerbaijan, APA reports.

Voting started at 08:00 for the parliamentary elections which cover 125 constituencies, and a total of 5,573 polling stations.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) Chairman Mazahir Panahov held a press conference and briefed on the preparations for the elections and the activities of the CEC.

Panahov said that the parliamentary elections cover 125 constituencies, a total of 5,573 polling stations, and web cameras were installed at 1,000 polling stations (18% of the total number of polling stations).

The CEC chairman said that 5,329,460 voters could exercise their voting rights.

5 387 600 ballots were printed for voting. Representatives of 19 political parties were registered as candidates.

77,790 local and 883 international observers were registered to observe the parliamentary elections.

Voting started with the National Anthem and polling stations were declared open for voting.

1314 candidates are running for 125 seats in the parliament. 79% of the candidates are men and 21% are women.

Voting ends at 19:00.

The Election Information Center of the CEC Secretariat will provide preliminary information on the progress and results of the voting at 10.00, 12.00, 15.00, 17.00 and 19.00. Information on the course and results of the voting is considered to be non-legal initial information.


Faig Mahmudov