Special Representative: "Albania will enhance and renew efforts of conflict resolution mediation in the OSCE region" - [color=red]INTERVIEW[/color]

  • 12:12 07 February 2020

Special Representative: "Albania will enhance and renew efforts of conflict resolution mediation in the OSCE region" - INTERVIEW

Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office on Youth and Security Alba Brojka's interview to APA's Georgian bureau

What are the priorities of Albania in terms of conflict resolution in the OSCE region?

– Albania has already made it clear that it wants enhancing and renewing efforts of conflict resolution mediation in the OSCE region. Chairperson in the office has already had his first visit to Ukraine. Moreover, our special representatives about specific conflicts getting in touch with the participant with the specific processes Minsk Group. At the same time, I would like to remind Albania's special experience in this area. Albania, located to the west of the Balkans, has experience in peace development. I hope that during his presidency Albania will continue its efforts to resolve conflicts in the OSCE area.

– One of the long-lasting conflicts of Europe is Nagorno Garabagh and OSCE is one of the main organizations engage in this process. Does Albania have a special approach or something new to the resolution of this conflict?

– Albania as an OSCE chair considers youth and security as a cross-cutting priority. So throughout their work, they will try to include young perspectives young people into that decision activities and so in that regard.

– President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed an Order on declaring 2020 the year of volunteers in the country. As we know, young people are involved in the volunteer process. How do you think this decision can benefit both young people and the country?

–  Personally I come from Civil Society background and I used to serve a youth organization in Albania on the voluntary bases and I think having young people volunteering is very important many think that “oh what do I gain if I volunteer” but I think you have a lot to learn first of all you engage with other people? You learn some new skills, you learn some new knowledge, you contribute special issue that is close to your heart, you feel valuable when doing that and first of all, you contribute to making society better. Because we have this narrative that things barely change in societies but if that change does not come from us and change can take the form of voluntarism as well then the society would never change. İ think it is very important that not only voluntarism but we can do we need to take action as young people.

Said Babazadeh