Material maintenance of judges to be improved

  • 19:16 03 April 2019

Material maintenance of judges to be improved

In order to strengthen the social protection of judges, material maintenance will be substantially increased.

According to ONA, it is stated on the Order signed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on deepening reforms in the judicial-legal system.

According to the Order, to ensure the independence of the judges' mechanisms will be improved to prevent interference in the activities of courts and the responsibility for such intervention will increase.

Besides that, the rates of the state duty paid on the cases considered in the courts will be differentiated based on the allegations. A certain part of the state duty fee is paid for cases heard in the courts will be used for the strengthening of social protection of the court staff and the material-technical base of court.

In order to fully ensure the objectivity of the proceedings, continuous hearings of all judicial sessions will be recorded and the requirement for the compilation of the protocol in accordance with the audio record will be determined.

Specification of the period of judicial expertise and expert opinion, rights associated with the appointment of an expert examination by the parties to the proceedings on the civil cases as well as administrative offenses, economic and administrative disputes will be expanded.