Tsereteli: “Processes in Azerbaijan are encouraging”

  • 17:10 09 December 2019

Tsereteli: “Processes in Azerbaijan are encouraging”

"We are tracking the events in Azerbaijan, the processes are encouraging”, said Giorgi Tsereteli, President of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA) in his statement to journalists, local bureau of ONA reports.

He stated that OSCE institutions could proactively participate in the process of reforms implemented in Azerbaijan.

“We follow events occurred in Azerbaijan, as well as the process of announcement of early parliamentary elections. The aim of Azerbaijani President is to facilitate reforms initiatives being implemented in the country with the renewal of the parliament. Many changes continue in economic and political fields. We see that current processes are enough hopeful. Early elections have been scheduled in February of the next year. This process is very important and it will create a better environment for changes. Of course, the processes are important for Azerbaijani people too. I believe that OSCE, OSCE PA and OSCE institutions can actively participate in these processes,” Giorgi Tsereteli noted.