Tural Ganjaliyev: “Armenia promotes xenophobia and ethnic hatred against Azerbaijanis at state level”

  • 13:53 08 June 2019

Tural Ganjaliyev: “Armenia promotes xenophobia and ethnic hatred against Azerbaijanis at state level”

"“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs" of the separatist regime, created in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, has again made stupid and unfounded claims that xenophobia is being promoted in our country and the idea is being imposed that Armenians of the whole world are enemies. Speaking of the UEFA Europa League final game held in Baku, the separatist regime is trying to link this with the impossibility of the arrival of the Armenian-born Mkhitaryan and Armenian fans in Baku. The opposite side again showed its face by politicizing the prestigious sporting competition, contrary to the principles of the main European football structure - UEFA," Tural Ganjaliyev, chairman of the Azerbaijani Community of the Nagorno-Karabakh Region of Azerbaijan said in a statement related to the comment of “Foreign Ministry” of so-called regime established in occupied Azerbaijani territories, ONA reports.

The statement reads that Armenian sportsmen and Armenian descent sportsmen have several times participated in sports competitions held in Azerbaijan. Even Armenian parliamentarians and other Armenian delegations have visited Azerbaijan. They did not face any problems in our country: “Armenia does not understand that the main issue at the root of the problem is the ongoing policy of military occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan. The Armenian side, which committed the biggest genocide during the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, having forgotten about the horrors and murders of hundreds of civilians, women, children and the elderly, does not understand what it exposes itself in such a way, by fanning the “cheap show” around the football tournament?! No any “armored eyes” needed, this can be seen with the naked eye, it is enough to compare simple statistics and other indicators. Xenophobia and ethnic hatred towards Azerbaijanis are promoted in Armenia at the state level. As a result, Azerbaijanis have been unable to return to their lands where they have been ethnically cleansed for about 30 years. The so-called regime continues to keep the Armenian community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan in bondage. They should understand that the future development of the region, first of all, depends on ending the occupation policy and respecting the fundamental principles of international law”, said in a statement. 

The statement notes that the international community will never recognize the legitimacy of the use of force against Azerbaijan, ethnic cleansing and generally the consequences of the occupation: "This position was reflected in the decision of the court of the French city of Sergio Pontus. The court ruled that Arnavil and the administrative district of the occupied Khojavand region of Azerbaijan annulled the agreement, saying it was unlawful, not legally binding, and contradicting the international obligations of France. Once again, I declare that the only way to resolve the conflict is by withdrawing the occupying forces of Armenia from our territories, returning Azerbaijanis IDPs to their homeland, and the peaceful co-existence of both communities of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan within the internationally recognized borders of our country."