Turkish Foreign Minister: “We should work with Russia”

  • 13:29 06 February 2020

Turkish Foreign Minister: “We should work with Russia”

“More than 2 thousand civilians have been killed as a result of attack of Syrian regime in Idlib”, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters after extraordinary meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of member states of the Council of Cooperation of Turkic-speaking states, ONA reports.

He stated many trilateral meetings have been held with Iran and Russia, defending Syrian regime: “However, attacks of Syrian regime in Idlib concern everybody in recent times. We hold discussions with Russia in this regard.”

Turkish FM noted that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hold discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin on phone call: “We are waiting for delegation from Russia to Turkey at the moment. Meeting of presidents may be held later.”

M. Cavusoglu noted that Syrian regime violates ceasefire in Idlib: “Our tolerance also has a limit. We responded when our 8 soldiers were martyred. If Syrian regime does not stop, we will respond more and more seriously. Provision of ceasefire is duty of not only Turkey, but also the whole international sphere. Although we are alone in the battle field, we will do what is necessary. We say Russia that we are determined. We should work with Russia. We can solve problems in this field together.”

Zumrud Pashkin