US ambassador: "There are undeniable evidences proving this provocation committed by aggressive Armenian demonstrators"

  • 10:45 24 July 2020

US ambassador: "There are undeniable evidences proving this provocation committed by aggressive Armenian demonstrators"

On July 23, 2020, US ambassador to Azerbaijan  Earle Litzenberger was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Azerbaijan, and a meeting was held with deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov, MFA told ONA.

During the meeting, Khalaf Khalafov firstly informed the US ambassador about the military provocation conducted by Armenia on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border.

Deputy minister brought into notice that after the provocation committed by Armenians on the border was thwarted by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Armenia resorted to attacks and provocations against diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan and our compatriots in different places of the world mainly in the cities which are densely populated by Armenians in order to conceal the aggressive policy of the militaristic Armenian government.

Kh.Kalafov noted that several of those provocations were conducted in the US.   On July 21, a banner reflected note against Azerbaijan was tightened to the entrance gate of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Washington by unknown people and this was demonstrated on the media and press of Armenia.

Deputy Minister said that another act of provocation and attack by Armenians took place in Los Angeles and encircling the building of the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles, Armenian radical groups held protest rally accompanied by aggressive provocative slogans.

It was noted that aggressive Armenian protestors attacked members of the Azerbaijani community who were many times fewer than them in number while protesting peacefully in front of the Consulate General and seven Azerbaijanis, including one woman, were injured.

Kh.Khalafov said that it was a disappointing case that US police did not prevent the attack by a group of aggressive Armenian on members of the Azerbaijani community who gathered for a peaceful rally in front of the Azerbaijani Consulate General in the United States.

The deputy minister added that the attacking of and inflicting injury on the innocent patriotic Azerbaijanis just because of their ethnic origin by the Armenian radical groups in front of the eyes of the police forces undermine the USA’s prestige. Kh.Khalafov saying that the Azerbaijani side expressed its resolute protest against this and condemned the persons who didn’t fulfill their legal duties, brought to the notice that the US government has been demanded to bring to responsibility the Armenian radical units who committed these crimes and to give legal appraisal to these provocative incidents.

Kh.Khalafov stressed that the incidents accompanied by violation of immunity of our Embassy and General Consulate and security of their functioning should be investigated and it is important that the legal appraisal would be given to the actions of the perpetrators of this provocation.

The ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Azerbaijan Earle Litzenberger said he is aware of the mentioned issues, and he experiences the feeling of deep regret on the occasion of the occurred incidents. The ambassador talking about the provocation taken place in Los Angeles brought to the notice that there are undeniable evidences proving this provocation was committed by the aggressive Armenian demonstrators and it is impossible to justify the attack made by the outnumbered Armenians against the Azerbaijanis who gathered there for a peaceful campaign. Earle Litzenberger noted that the right to freedom of speech in a peaceful manner is supported in his country, but the acts committed by the Armenians in Los Angeles is a pure black-hundred clique. The ambassador said this is an inadmissible case and it shouldnət occur on the territory of the USA.

The ambassador noted that the senior officials of the local law enforcement agencies of Los Angeles have apologized for the occurred Armenian provocation and the failure to prevent it, the investigations will be conducted in regard to this issue and the relevant measures will be taken.

 In the end, Earle Litzenberger said he will raise with the official Washington the broached issues including the issue of taking extra measures for ensuring the security of Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions in the USA.