Venezuelan FM: “ We should respond jointly to existing threats”

  • 11:41 23 October 2019

Venezuelan FM: “ We should respond jointly to existing threats”

“Non-Alignment Movement promotes peace and stability as well as multilateral policy on international platform,” Venezuelan FM  Jorge Arreaza Montserrat said at a meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Non-Alignment Movement countries within the framework of the XVIII Summit of NAM, ONA reports.

The minister stated that his country was subjected to pressures over the last periods: “Their aim is to exploit our natural resources, to change socio-political situation in our country and to threaten the principles we promote. Venezuelan people want dialogue and wish these threats to stop. Foreign intervention is contrary to international law, and to the principle of self-determination of the countries.”

According to him, NAM promotes dialogue, tolerance, equality in international relations, discussion and dialogue among governments.

Venezuelan FM stated that during the chairmanship of his country to the body Venezuela has made efforts to strengthen the bloc and to increase its international reputation: “We should jointly work to be an active actor in the new world order. We should jointly respond to existing threats.”

He expressed gratitude to the governments of member countries of NAM for support.

Zumrud Pashkin