10 new cases of coronavirus registered in Azerbaijan

  • 16:05 19 March 2020

10 new cases of coronavirus registered in Azerbaijan

10 new coronavirus infections were registered in Azerbaijan, the task force established by the Cabinet of Ministers in a bid to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus into the country told ONA.

Patients placed in special regime hospitals and under observation feel normal and their health is evaluated steadily.

These infected individuals returned from Germany, France, Turkey, and Iran to Azerbaijan at different times.

33 people, infected with coronavirus are being kept under doctor control in institutions with the special regime in Azerbaijan now, relevant measures regarding their treatment are underway.

Taking into consideration coronavirus infections’ being declared as pandemics and widespread of the virus, we call on every person to follow requirements and recommendations of the World Health Organization and Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers seriously. At the same time, citizens are required to behave in accordance with rules such as self-isolation measures, going out home only if there is a serious necessity, keeping contact with others at a minimum level, avoiding places, crowded with people.