12 psychologists of Azerbaijani MES provide 24 hours psychological assistance to citizens on special quarantine regime days - [color=red]VIDEO[/color]

  • 14:49 16 April 2020

12 psychologists of Azerbaijani MES provide 24 hours psychological assistance to citizens on special quarantine regime days - VIDEO

This year, beginning from April 8, the provision of the emergency psychological assistance by psychologists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations through “112” hotline phone service of the ministry was organized, said in a statement to ONA Khanym Sofiyeva, major of medical service, head of Medical and Psychological Assistance Organization Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The main areas of activity of the ministry are to protect people from natural disasters and anthropogenic incidents, to prevent disasters and to eliminate their consequences: “We serve for ensuring of peaceful and comfortable life and security of the country’s citizens. And when we say people’s security we imply not only their welfare and health, but also the notion of psychological health. Currently, the special quarantine regime is applied in the country. Such cases can cause psychological complications to people. Therefore, the psychological assistance service implemented by the psychologists through 112 Hot Line of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has been established in order to stand by people, to support them and not leave them alone with their problems in case of development of psychological complications in people during the quarantine regime applied as a part of response measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic”.

Kh. Sofiyeva noted that the ministry’s 12 psychologists have been involved in this activity: “Before embarking on this activity, the psychologists providing assistance passed training in provision of emergency psychological assistance to people through phone. During the initial one week of activity, the calls were already received from all regions of the country. The 24 hours uninterrupted service is being provided here. The problems are mainly associated with coronavirus pandemic. For instance, the topics of the phone conversations are related to the fear of infection with the virus of both the person making the phone call and his (her) family members, his (her) concern about parents. Besides, there are also difficulties faced in regard to right and efficient distribution of time during the quarantine regime by the people who are used to working life and stay at home currently. The main duty of the psychologists is to show the citizens that they are not alone, to support them, to provide them assistance in adaptation to the special quarantine regime. It is gladdening that there are many people who call as repeatedly and wish to speak to our psychologists and thank us for creation of such a service”.

The psychologist of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the chief lieutenant Brilyant Abdullayeva also told APA that most calls received by the assistance service are related to the COVID-19 virus: “People fear of contracting this virus. There are people who feel tensed and are concerned about their elderly parents. We receive 50-60 calls per day. During one week, a total of 350 appeals were received from all regions of the country. We determine the nature of the problem faced by them by conducting psychological conversation with them. We provide spiritual psychological aid to citizens. We recommend citizens to get adapted to the rules of the quarantine regime applied in the country and to the environment that they are staying in now, and to spend their time efficiently. If they face a difficulty, they are recommended to appeal to 112 Hot Line of the Ministry of Emergency Situations”.