762 kidneys, 101 livers transplanted in Azerbaijan  - [color=red]Official[/color]

  • 12:16 03 April 2019

762 kidneys, 101 livers transplanted in Azerbaijan - Official

“About 50 hemodialysis centers that cover Baku and regions were created in the last 15 years. 3700 patients are provided public funded dialysis treatment”, said chief nephrologists Fariz Babayev, ONA reports.

He stated that 762 kidneys and 101 livers transplanted patients are recorded in Azerbaijan: “89 successful kidney transplantation operations are achieved in 2018 in Azerbaijan”

F. Babayev stated that state control of kidney disease and organ transplant problems is increased. He added that alongside medicine and drug provision of the patient, new dialysis centers are created every year and the works on the law on “Organ transplantation” is in the process of finishing.