8 days holiday vacation starts in Azerbaijan from tomorrow

  • 13:04 22 May 2020

8 days holiday vacation starts in Azerbaijan from tomorrow

The vacation will start in Azerbaijan from tomorrow in connection with Ramadan and May 28 holidays, ONA reports.

The Prime Minister Ali Asadov has signed the decision about interchange of work and rest days and determination of non-working days during the special quarantine period on territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

According to the decision, in order to ensure consecutiveness of work and rest days on the country’s territory, the working day of May 27, 2020 and the rest day of May 31 have been interchanged.

At the same time, as the special work (labor) regime during the special quarantine period, the day of May 29, 2020, as well as the days of May 23 and May 30 for people who work in six days’ working week have been determined as non-working days.

It has been determined that the employees’ salaries for the non-working days envisaged in that Decision will be preserved, the occupational calendar for 2020 and the working hours regulation will not be changed in connection with implementation of the special work (labor) regime.