A border violator killed, two detained in Bilasuvar

  • 11:02 04 November 2019

A border violator killed, two detained in Bilasuvar

On November 3, 2019, an unknown person was observed while violating the state border and approaching engineer fence by the “Goytapa” guard post near the Bilasuvar village of the Bilasuvar district at about 04:50 a.m., the State Border Service (SBS) told ONA.

The service territory was completely closed. Guard post ordered to stop chased the border violator and fired a warning shot into the air. However, the border violator did not follow the order and attempted to run in the direction of the Islamic Republic of Iran by removing his bag.

According to the requirements of the law on “State Border” of the Republic of Azerbaijan, border guard fired the violator and the border violator died on the spot. 12 kg 340 grams of various kinds of narcotic drugs, a “Pietro Beretta” pistol, 1 cartridge clip, and 8 cartridges were found in a black bag during reviewing neutralized border violator and the territory.

Bilasuvar resident Hasanov Elgun Hasankhan (born in 1991) and Mingachevir resident Nasirzade Orkhan Mahammad (born in 1995) were detained as suspicious persons in the car with 99-FC-999 number plate, meeting the border violator nearby the site.

During the investigation it was revealed that neutralized border violator is Jalilabad resident Amirov Tural Aliashraf, born in 1994 and went to the Islamic Republic of Iran by passing through Bilasuvar border checkpoint on October 31.

Necessary operational-investigation measures are conducted by Border Troops of State Border Service and Military Prosecutor’s Office of Lankaran in connection with the incident.

Measures aimed at the provision of inviolability of state borders are continued. 

Kamala Guliyeva