Adil Allahverdiyev: “COVID-19 began to spread 50-60 times faster than the beginning of outbreak”

  • 13:15 25 October 2021

Adil Allahverdiyev: “COVID-19 began to spread 50-60 times faster than the beginning of outbreak”

“Recently, AY.4.2 strain belonging to the “Delta” variant of COVID-19 has been discovered especially in England. “Delta strain” has about 45 subtypes, one of them is AY.4.2. Which features are observed in the “Delta strain”, we see the same features in this mutation. That is why, there are not many things to be panicked about, because “Delta” is a mutated variant of COVID-19”, Adil Allahverdiyev, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Medical Prevention named after Vali Akhundov told ONA.

He noted that as the virus mutates, so does its infectious ability: “Coronavirus began to spread 50-60 times faster than the newly discovered. The new mutation also spreads rapidly. There is information regarding the spread of the new mutation, but there is not accurate information yet about the severe course of the disease or death”.

He noted that currently, due to the emergence of influenza and other respiratory viral infections, having flu-like symptoms of the new mutations, runny nose, headaches, many people are indifferent to these and think that this disease is nothing to do with COVID. That is why they are late to go the doctor. Experiencing hard symptoms and resulting in death is not related to the new mutation of the virus, it is just that people are relieved. That is why, if any person has flu-like symptoms, they must take a coronavirus test.

Recently, having more coronavirus cases among children is because of “Delta Strain”, and similarity of clinical features of the disease to the flue unlike before. That is why people have a clinical delusion. They do not think that this is a coronavirus. They stay at home for 4-5 days, they apply later, treatment time is running out, so the patient's condition worsens.