ANAS: Geomagnetic storm is expected

  • 11:35 05 August 2019

ANAS: Geomagnetic storm is expected

“The Sun was at a low level of magnetic activity. The solar cycle is spotless”, Publis Relations Department of Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory named after N.Tusi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences told ONA.

Noted that indicators of the solar wind parameters were relevant to the quiet regime in the reporting period: “The speed of the solar wind was 355 km/sec on average, while its total magnetic field hesitated between 2-5 nT. The geometric field is generally quiet in the last 24 hours (Kp=3, 4). In the broadcasting period (on August 5-7), solar activity will stay at a very low level.”

Stated that in broadcasting period (on August 5-7), it is forecasted solar wind parameters will become stronger: “According to the information provided by STEREO-A PLASTIC cosmic device, the speed of the wind will reach at 575-600 km/sec. The geomagnetic storm, with the level of G1 Minor low (Kp=5), is expected to dominate with the effect of CH HSS, having a positive pole in the first two days (August 5,6) in the broadcasting period. In the last broadcasting day (August 7), as the influence of magnetic effects will decrease, storm condition will be replaced with the quiet condition (Kp=3, 4). Generally, quietness is broadcasted (Kp=2, 3). The possibility of a magnetic storm is less than 15% in the first two days of the broadcasting period, while less than 10% in the last day.

Farid Mirzayev