ASAN Wi-Fi to be available on airplanes

  • 15:05 06 May 2019

ASAN Wi-Fi to be available on airplanes

“ASAN Wi-Fi network has been put into operation in the ASAN Service centers in Baku, railway stations, airports and a number of market chains. We plan to expand the ASAN Wi-Fi network this year and launch it in more areas,” Deputy Chairman of State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASAN Service) Jeyhun Salmanov told ONA.

The ASAN Service centers in the regions will also be provided with ASAN Wi-Fi, he said.

“In Baku, this is a test project. In parallel, negotiations are underway with various catering facilities, hotels and markets to put ASAN Wi-Fi into operation there. There are plans to install ASAN Wi-Fi networks even in airplanes. Negotiations are still underway on this,” J. Salmanov said.

“There are no technical problems. Only calculations should be made on the effectiveness of the project. In the regions, there are 10 ASAN Service centers. Five ASAN service centers will be launched in the regions by the end of the year. This means that citizens will be able to use the ASAN Wi-Fi network to be installed at 15 ASAN Service centers in the regions. Two ASAN Service centers will be put into operation in Baku. Installation of ASAN Wi-Fi network will be provided at these centers too,” J. Salmanov said.