Assistant to President announces why weddings are not allowed

  • 18:09 15 August 2020

Assistant to President announces why weddings are not allowed

“Weddings are a trend that have a positive impact on labor market. As well as this area is quite tax-intensive, which has a positive impact on the state budget,” said today Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration at the press conference organized by Task Force under Cabinet of Ministers, ONA reports.

He noted that it would be very good to hold weddings for their labor intensity: “But on the other side, we should take into account the epidemiological situation in the country. We even witness some emotional speeches. But there is also the concept of a responsible state. The state chooses as a priority the protection of the health of citizens, leaving aside income and economic activity. Issues such as economic profitability and state budget revenues have been set aside. We also understand the emotional speeches of cultural figures. It would be difficult to say now at what point weddings will be held. Currently, there is no decision in this regard.