AZAL starts sale of air tickets for flights along Baku-Istanbul-Baku route

  • 16:14 26 June 2020

AZAL starts sale of air tickets for flights along Baku-Istanbul-Baku route

The sale of air tickets for flights along Baku-Istanbul-Baku route has been started on website of Azerbaijan’s national air carrier, the press service of the Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC told ONA.

The AZAL airline company will perform flights between Baku and Istanbul twice per week (on Thursdays and Saturdays) from July 2 until August 29.

Note that in addition to the Azerbaijan Airlines, the Turkish Airlines company will also perform flights between Baku and Istanbul twice per week (on Wednesdays and Fridays) beginning from July 1.

Thus, the number of special air flights between Baku and Istanbul will be increased to four times per week beginning from July 1. Thanks to this, the opportunity will be created for students’ and citizens’ returning from other countries to Azerbaijan in transit through Istanbul. 

Besides, in those flights, the AZAL company will sell air tickets with 30% discount to the Azerbaijani students receiving education in foreign countries and having relevant note in their migration card. During purchase of air ticket on AZAL’s website, the students should send a copy of their migration card to the call center of the airline company and they will receive a link for payment of the discounted cost of the air ticket. It is worth special mentioning that the original copy of the migration card should be presented during registration at airport. In case of lack of migration card, the passenger will not be admitted to flight.

According to the new rules, only the passengers having passed through coronavirus (COVID-19) test will be admitted to the flights. The list of the laboratories accredited by the Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) is given below:

- Inji laboratory. Address: Bulbul avenue, 40. Contact phone: ‪+994 51 229 49 80;

- Reference clinical laboratory center. Address: Mirzabala Mammadzade street. Contact phone: ‪+994 70 653 00 33;

- Memorial Clinic. Address: Gara Garayev avenue, 38a. Contact phone: ‪+994 12 520 30 40.

As it was informed earlier, when passing registration at airport in case of flying from Istanbul, the medical certificate confirming negative result of the COVID-19 test issued by the clinics of "Memorial Sağlık Grubu" group or by one of the other clinics indicated on the website of Turkey’s Health Ministry ( shall be presented.

The passengers returning to Azerbaijan from other countries in transit through Istanbul may present a medical certificate about passing through medical examination at one of the laboratories certificated by that country’s Health Ministry (or other authorized agency) or one of the Turkish clinics indicated in the aforementioned list.

In any case, the test should be passed through 48 hours prior to flight at the latest.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, all passengers arrived in Baku by that flight will have to switch to the two weeks’ self-isolation regime. For this purpose, during the flight, they will have to fill in the declaration by indicating the residential address where they will be able to stay in self-isolation regime. The permission obtained by sending SMS message to 8103 number shall not be applied to those persons.

According to the new rules introduced by AZAL, only a woman’s hand bag, or a man’s briefcase, or a bag for a laptop with the dimensions not exceeding 30x35x10 cm (the bag should be used only for its intended purpose) are allowed as carry-on luggage. Other baggage including paper and plastic bags must be checked to be transported in the cargo hold of aircraft. Purchases made at Duty Free stores are also not allowed on board an aircraft.

Emil Ismayilov