Azerbaijan confirms 1 new coronavirus death, 24 fresh cases

  • 19:56 31 March 2020

Azerbaijan confirms 1 new coronavirus death, 24 fresh cases

Azerbaijan has confirmed 24 new cases of coronavirus and one coronavirus-related death, the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers told ONA.

The infected persons have been placed at special regime hospitals.

The resuscitation measures regarding the stabilization of the health of the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, born in 1957, who tested positive for COVID 19 have not give any results and the patient has died. Family members and the other people with whom the patient communicated are being determined and quarantined.

Note that, there are totally of 298 cases of coronavirus infection in the country. 26 of them were treated and recovered, 5 died. Currently, the treatment of 267 people are continued in special regime hospitals. The condition of 11 of them is severe, while 15 of them is moderate-severe. The relevant measures regarding the examination of 4602 people placed in different quarantine zones are being continued.