Azerbaijan confirms 12 more coronavirus cases

  • 20:29 22 March 2020

Azerbaijan confirms 12 more coronavirus cases

Health officials in Azerbaijan confirmed 12 more cases of coronavirus, the task force established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan in a bid to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus into the country told APA.

Patients placed in special regime hospitals. Patients under doctor control feel normal and their health is stable.

At present, 54 active coronavirus patients are kept in special care facilities under medical supervision in Azerbaijan, and appropriate measures are being continued to treat them.

Task force under Cabinet of Ministers once again urge citizens to adhere to the rules of personal hygiene, the requirements and recommendations of the World Health Organization and Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers: "Citizens are required to behave in accordance with self-isolation measures, to leave home only when there is a serious need, to have minimal contact with other people, to avoid crowded areas, and to follow other rules."

Faig Mahmudov