Azerbaijan confirms 29 new cases of coronavirus, 1 died, 5 recovered

  • 15:30 26 March 2020

Azerbaijan confirms 29 new cases of coronavirus, 1 died, 5 recovered

29 more cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Azerbaijan, one patient has died, five patients recovered, the Task Force established by the Cabinet of Ministers told APA.

The citizen of the AzerbaijanRepublic born in 1961, having returned from Turkey on March 12, 2020, was admitted in the special regime hospital with high body temperature and respiratory failure, and the chronic bronchitis was detected in him during medical examination, the samples for COVID-19 analysis taken from the patient tested positive. The resuscitation measures taken in order to stabilize the patient’s condition didn’t prove successful. Currently, the members of his family and other persons whom he contacted are being determined and taken under quarantine.

At the same time, 5 persons having contracted coronavirus infection have been treated at the special regime hospitals and have been discharged home.

Currently, 104 persons being the active coronavirus patients placed in the special regime hospitals in Azerbaijan are under doctor’s control, while the condition of 5 of them is severe, the condition of 9 persons is evaluated as moderately severe, and the health condition of others is stable. The necessary measures regarding treatment of those persons are continued.

Faig Mahmudov