Azerbaijan starts production of disinfection tunnels - [color=red]PHOTOSESSION[/color]

  • 16:16 17 June 2020

Azerbaijan starts production of disinfection tunnels - PHOTOSESSION

The production of PG-DEZOX disinfecting tunnels has been launched in Azerbaijan, ONA reports.

The group of companies of PACIFIC has started the production of PG-DEZOX disinfecting tunnels in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

The Metal Grid company under the PACIFIC GROUP is engaged in the production of disinfecting tunnels by means of plasma, laser cutting, bending and folding, welding, and painting equipment.

The specialist in Public Relations of the PACIFIC GROUP Gunel Farajova said in her statement to ONA the disinfecting tunnel helps in decreasing of such microorganisms as viruses and bacteria widely spread in the world and constantly changing via mutation: “Thanks to the sensitive signal receivers situated on the device, when somebody passes through the tunnel, the system automatically turns on by means of the movement sensor, consequently, the disinfecting solution is transferred to spraying nozzles. Thereby, as a result of the high pressure, the liquid transforms into the steam condition and disinfects people without wetting their clothes. The disinfecting tunnel is designed for implementation of the disinfection process using the liquid absolutely not harmful for human health, killing various bacteria, not containing any chemical additive”.

G. Farajova said the disinfection tunnel may be manufactured in various sizes according to requirements and wishes of customers: “Also the liquid tank i.e. the size of the tank may be determined according to customers’ wishes and maybe fabricated for various capacities – from 20 liters up to 250 liters. The PC-DEZOX disinfecting tunnel has a number of advantageous features. Its mounting and use are very easy. After installation, its place may be easily changed. The disinfecting tunnel has been equipped with a total of 16 spraying nozzles including 8 pieces on the right side and 8 nozzles on the left side in the entrance part. These nozzles ensure the disinfection of people within 1-2 seconds. It utilizes the high pressure misting method, the movement sensor, and has other similar important advantageous features. In general, according to customers’ wishes and requirements, a number of models of the disinfecting tunnels may be offered. The simplest and most sophisticated models of the tunnels are being produced currently. These models differ from each other by the number of spray nozzles, sensor monitor, temperature measuring feature, size of the liquid tank, availability of extra disinfecting passage for a bag”.

The company’s employee noted that the tunnel may be used not only during the period of the pandemic but also for prevention of another infectious disease that may emerge in the future and for protection against other viruses and bacteria: “One of the advantageous features of PC-DEZOX disinfecting tunnel is that it has the system ensuring distribution of high pressure. The molecules should disperse to the widest area so that the disinfection process would be implemented at the highest level. The PC-DEZOX disinfecting tunnel ensures such dispersal”.

This device may be used at entrances of public and private enterprises, as well as at metro stations, medical stations, military units, prisons, border, and customs crossing stations, kindergartens, bus terminals, airports, concert facilities, hotels, and even in various streets with dense passenger traffic.

Gunel Farajova said one of the models of the disinfecting tunnel is the “model with bag”: “An extra passage is installed in this model for disinfection of bag. Also, a device is placed in this tunnel for measuring people’s body temperature from the distance of one and a half meters”.

One of the main advantages of PG-DEZOX is that it has the system ensuring dispersal of liquid under high pressure. The reason for using this system is that the molecules should disperse to the widest territory so that the disinfection process would be implemented at the highest level and the disinfecting substance would reach all points. The liquid coming out from the spraying nozzles under high pressure is delivered to the environment in molecules of smaller size as compared with the systems with low and normal pressure. The spread of molecules in the environment at the minimum rate allows for making more contacts with a surface, at the same time the disinfecting molecules ensure maximal penetration into sub-surface.

The company also stated that the full guarantee is provided for the quality of the materials and the component parts used in the production of the disinfecting tunnel.

Note that the disinfection tunnels are used in various countries. Most recently, the disinfecting tunnel was installed at the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin situated in Novo-Ogaryovo in order to protect against coronavirus.