Azerbaijan tightens control over medical masks and surgical spirit sales - [color=red]EXCLUSIVE[/color]

  • 17:03 05 March 2020

Azerbaijan tightens control over medical masks and surgical spirit sales - EXCLUSIVE

“Demand for some medicines, surgical spirit, and medical masks increased in Azerbaijan as in the world on the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. Observations show that there is a shortage of medical masks in a number of countries,” head of press service of Economy Ministry Abbas Aliyev said in an answer to a query of ONA.

A. Aliyev stated that Working Group, established in the Ministry and Ministry’s relevant bodies have conducted relevant monitoring and analysis, researches show that local production is able to meet 95% medical alcohol requirement: “Issues of medical alcohol production and packaging have been discussed with entrepreneurial subjects in the Ministry, relevant instructions have been given on the solution of all issues, raised regarding packaging. It has been noted in the discussions that medical masks are being imported from foreign countries now and an increase in the import is considered. Furthermore, it has been noted all opportunities will be provided for use of state support mechanisms in order to organize local production of medical masks.”

A. Aliyev noted that in order to determine timely and to prevent the artificial rise that could occur in the prices of medicinal preparations, as well as medical alcohol and masks and creation of shortage of goods by withdrawing these products from the market without any reason, the control by the State Service for Antimonopoly Policy and Protection of Consumers’ Rights under the Ministry of Economy has been further strengthened, and currently the intensive monitoring and the serious inspections are being conducted: "The Ministry of Economy notifies once again that the strict measures will be taken according to legislation in regard to the entrepreneurial entities where the artificial shortage and the groundless price raising cases are detected".