Azerbaijani President: "If you see that the authorities are going the wrong way, do inform us"

  • 11:14 13 November 2019

Azerbaijani President: "If you see that the authorities are going the wrong way, do inform us"

"I want to say to the newly appointed-heads of executive authority: first of all, you need to correctly assess the situation, conduct a serious analysis, identify shortcomings and make efforts to resolve existing problems. If the solution to problems depends on central executive bodies, you should certainly contact central executive bodies, the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers and other relevant agencies," President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said while receiving Ilgar Abbasov on his appointment as head of Shirvan City Executive Authority, Mardan Jamalov on his appointment as head of Zardab District Executive Authority, Aziz Azizov on his appointment as head of Surakhani District Executive Authority, Elshad Hasanov on his appointment as head of Yasamal District Executive Authority and Rafig Guliyev on his appointment as head of Khatai District Executive Authority, ONA reports.

"The questions you can resolve yourself should be resolved. The main thing is to adopt basic principles in your work. First, you must serve the people with dignity. This applies to both newly-appointed heads of executive authority and those who have already worked in this capacity and are now being sent to other districts and cities. Serving the people is the duty of every government official, I have repeatedly said that I see my task as President precisely in serving the people. It is thanks to this service that the people of Azerbaijan provide us with tremendous support.

I want to go back to the report of the Davos Economic Forum. It indicates that Azerbaijan is among top 10 countries on a global scale for the government tendency towards changes, reforms and popular support for the leadership. What is the source of this support? Public service is my duty, and it will continue to be my main duty.

On the other hand, heads of executive authority must be professional, knowledgeable and enjoy authority in the districts and cities where they work. It depends solely on their work. The confidence of the President is already a message to the people that the President trusts these people. However, such trust is not absolute; it may exist today and may not exist tomorrow. It depends on your work. You need to achieve popular support by your work, people should be your support. If you do something wrong, we will find out about it right away and you will be punished, of course. You should work so that people are satisfied. First of all, your duty is to serve the people and professionally cope with your duties. On the other hand, you must seriously fight negative facts in the cities and districts you will be leading. Corruption and bribery should be removed from the agenda of Azerbaijan. True, there is no country where this problem does not exist. But the most important thing is what attitude leaders and authorities, including local executive authorities, have towards this issue. If they turn a blind eye to that or participate in these shady dealings themselves, then, of course, they should and will be held to account. I want to appeal to our people again: if you see that the authorities are going the wrong way, do inform us, and after checking all the signals, we will make the right decision, of course," Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.