Azerbaijani villages in Georgia face water shortage

  • 16:42 30 August 2019

Azerbaijani villages in Georgia face water shortage

Dry summer of this year put the villagers in a difficult situation in the Marneuli district of Georgia, where Azerbaijanis compactly live. Irrigation problems existing in the Azizkand, Kuruslu, Kosali, Tazakand, Lajvaddinli and other villages of the district damaged farming and planting in the area, ONA's local bureau reports. 

One of the problems farmers face in the district is that grass field rented from the state by the farmers has become completely useless due to absence of irrigation water.

Another farmer Natig Gahramanov notes that they are trying to irrigate the farming field using their own means, however this is also not enough to diminish the damages of the draught.

According to the Ruslan Hajiyev, MP from Marneuli of the Georgian parliament the main reason of the problems existing in the field of irrigation water in Marneuli is diminishing of water in the rivers in the summer months. According to him, this issue is on the attention of both local government and the state and implementation of the concrete project is foreseen by the next year.

Ruslan Hajiyev stated that mentioned projects are advantageous and they wait expert views for starting the implementation of the project.

Note that despite our repeatedly application to the Marneuli Melioration Service regarding the problem, we did not receive any reply from the body.