Azerbaijan's MIA issues warning to social network users

  • 11:31 28 January 2020

Azerbaijan's MIA issues warning to social network users

The Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan has issued a warning to social network users, press service of the Ministry told ONA.

According to the Ministry, in recent days, the number of pages supposedly rendering internet services to citizens in exchange for some payment has increased on social networks, especially on Instagram: “Administrators of such pages give promise to followers to break social media accounts or to track messages of someone else, sometimes they put on sale pages with a large number of followers. There are even people who cheat on our citizens in the name of fortune-telling on social media."

Ministry of Internal Affairs received numerous appeals of persons who face such fraud on social network accounts: "Therefore, we recommend network users to be attentive in such issues, not to make any payments to those who share such advertisements, and not to share their private information with others.”