Azerbaijan's NCTR Chairman: TV shows spoil youth

  • 10:20 14 November 2019

Azerbaijan's NCTR Chairman: TV shows spoil youth

“After our comments, the leaders of the TV channels try to take certain steps. But, unfortunately, the way of life in the country in television series is presented in an ugly form, as if the Azerbaijani family should be like that,” said the chairman of the National Council on television and radio Nushirevan Maharramli, ONA reports.

According to him, film directors should think about this: “The comedies on some TV channels are unsuccessful, the scenes do not cause laughter, and the artificial play of the actors looks fake. The series should carry a semantic load. Sadly, the new series spoil the youth. Young people watch these films and think that Azerbaijani men and women are just like that. This cannot be allowed even for the sake of humor! ”