Azerbaijan's SEC Chairperson addresses the applicants and parents

  • 16:43 08 September 2020

Azerbaijan's SEC Chairperson addresses the applicants and parents

Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the State Examination Center, Maleyka Abbaszade has addressed the applicants and their parents, ONA reports.

Noting that speciality choice to Azerbaijan's universities to commence on September 10, M. Abbaszade called on applicants to be attentive on their choice of speciality: “My advice is that everyone should choose their speciality and not entrust it to anyone. When we investigate social media, we see that some people choose a profession instead of others, which I do not recommend. Regarding the choice of speciality, there will consultation centres at 6 universities and our nine regional branches and all services are free of charge. Applicants can apply to the consultation centre through an electronic queue. But I don't think there is much need for that. They will be able to make the right choice by looking carefully through the "Abituriyent" magazine. Now they have personal results, so be careful not to make mistakes when choosing a speciality. Because in this case the application will not be approved. There are also brochures on what to look for in all speciality groups.”