Azerbaijan's TABIB appeals to blood donors

  • 16:18 07 April 2020

Azerbaijan's TABIB appeals to blood donors

"There is not any problem with blood supply and provision at the National Hematology and Blood Transfusion Center (Thalassemia Center)", the Medical Territorial Divisions Management Association (TABIB) said in a statement while responding to ONA’s inquiry.

The report says the blood supply is carried out the same way as in previous months: "It is safe to donate blood in the times of pandemic. TABIB will regularly share information and make appeals in this regard. We should understand that blood donation is characterized by a permanent demand and is an urgent and pressing matter. Therefore we call on citizens to continue their blood donor activity by attending the Central Blood Bank provided that they don’t violate rules of the quarantine regime. The Blood Banks are open 24 hours a day, and special measures are taken there in order to ensure sterility and safety”.

It has been noted in the information blood donation is a safe process, people should not avoid from blood donation: “We carry out additional measures in order to provide security of donors and medical employees. Blood shortage can negatively influence the survival of hematological patients, whose lives depend on blood, persons, who need an emergent operation, and victims of traffic accidents and other emergencies.

The restriction only covers unnecessary visits and places such as restaurants, clubs, and theatres. However, blood donation essential. We need you to be a donor.”