Baku police addresses a warning regarding street beggars

  • 16:12 17 August 2019

Baku police addresses a warning regarding street beggars

Involvement of beggars who are capable to work but are out of the any working habits in socially dangerous activities in the capital city – kidnapping underage unsupervised kids and robbery incidents is being observed, said Elshad Hajiyev, chief of press service of the Main Police Department of Baku City, ONA reports.

According to the information, due to parental irresponsibility on June 3-year-old Z. Baghirova, on August 15, 7-year-old R. Mirzayev and his sister 15-year-old M. Mirzayeva were found by measures carried out by police exactly from street beggars in Sabunchu and Binagadi districts: “Studies and analyzes of similar aspects, essence and degree of public danger of the happened events indicate that urban residents need to be sensitive shouldn’t rely on their fake tears, and ignore their crippling, diseased imitations. They are begging not because they are hungry and need help, but because of choosing begging as their profession”.